Numbering on TEP Classic

If you listen to The Eclectic Podcast Classic you might occasionally find that episode number tagged on the podcast doesn’t match the one mentioned in the show. Don’t panic! Everything is fine.

When the show – and indeed GeekPlanetOnline itself – was first launched, it was decided that “proper” geeky numbering systems start with zero rather than one. As anybody who has attempted to use such a numbering system outside of academia will already know, this is rubbish, and all it does is confuse everybody! The hosts of The Eclectic Podcast were no different, so this has been altered so that everything makes a bit more sense upon republication.

Being the early days of both the network and its podcasting, there were also technical difficulties and mistakes were often made. As a result, an episode might have been recorded with the intention of making it. say, episode 7 only for its predecessor to turn out to be corrupt or otherwise unusable, forcing the team to renumber on the fly.

And finally, there are the odd couple of episodes that, for a variety of reasons, cannot be republished. On the plus side, these are early episodes which, frankly, aren’t very good, so they have been cheerfully discarded.

Don’t worry, it all gets sorted out by season 2!