About The Show

The Eclectic Podcast was GeekPlanetOnline’s very first podcast, launched in 2009 to expand the content of our original site, GeekPlanet.co.uk. Originally hosted by GeekPlanetOnline Publisher Matt Dillon and then-Site Editor Chris Brosnahan, it was intended to cover all bases; a podcast which would discuss movies, books, TV shows, video games and much, much more with equal passion and emphasis, rotating the focus on a weekly basis to prevent things from getting stale.

The podcast hit its stride in its second season, with the addition of Dave Probert – originally a guest on the Casablanca episode – as a series regular. With a third voice came new ideas, and before long The Eclectic Podcast had evolved into the regular format that listeners came to know and love; the content was still eclectic but the dynamic had shifted, and the show routinely played host to special guests and themes (with a hefty dose of fun and comedy thrown in).

When Chris left for pastures new in 2011 the show was wound down and retired. By this time GeekPlanet.co.uk had evolved into GeekPlanetOnline.com – a vast network of podcasts from a multitude of talented voices. In a sense, GeekPlanetOnline’s entire community had become the eclectic discussion that the podcast was originally intended to capture, and both Matt and Dave – now Site Editor – felt that the show had had its day. The final episode of the series, The Eclectic Finale, was released on 08/10/2011 and, thanks to guest host David Devereux, it went out with a bang. A one-off special was released on 31/07/2013 to celebrate GeekPlanetOnline‘s 5th birthday, but aside from that The Eclectic Podcast was dead.

But as we know, heroes don’t always die. Sometimes they regenerate.

In 2015, GeekPlanetOnline became crowd-funded. As a perk, Patrons were offered a timed-exclusive podcast in exchange for their support. For six months they were treated to monthly releases of GPO Magazine, a magazine-style podcast with contributions from a multitude of voices from the GeekPlanetOnline community, with regular columns on books, movies, TV shows and video games. A rather eclectic mix, in fact, and it rather reminded Matt and Dave of something…

GPO Magazine was retired in December 2015, due to the amount of work required in order to bring twelve or more unpaid volunteers together every month to record a single cohesive podcast. Matt and Dave felt that there was only one show that could take its place; and better yet, there was a fantastic idea for a format.

Seven years on from the original incarnation of the show, The Eclectic Podcast Redux revisits every topic of discussion from the classic podcast, in broadcast order, for a fresh discussion. Hosted by Matt and School of Movies‘ Sharon Shaw – most recently a cast member of New Century and the fantastic Tiger’s Eye – the show aims to find out whether seven years of podcast can change one’s perspective, or whether geek culture and its members are just too set in their ways.

All together now… “C-c-coooome, come to my lair…”